Will Cole is a sick musician if you haven’t heard. And I don’t mean that he has a cold. It’s unreal. I live with the dude, handwash his delicates, sleep by his side, and yet this man I know oh-so-intimately manages to shock and stun me on a regular basis with his insanely amazing guitar skills.

(Photo: Marcus Shaffer)

The band that currently benefits from his “ass-ripping guitar solos”, is Olde Ghost. With a shirtless lead singer Marc Grillo, two killer girl guitarist and bassists, Dawn + Valerie, and with Adam on drums, Olde Ghost come correct every time. They last blew my socks off in a basement metal bar Midway, on the lower east side. Personally, my favorite show so far, partly due the myriad of mullets present and my new hero METAL JOHN.

If you aren’t lucky enough to reside in New York to catch their shows regularly, then never fear, the Olde Ghost 7″ is TOTALLY here!

Officially procured and finished on JULY 29th, William Battle Cole II’s birthday, you can now get yourself a copy of the amazingly awesome, TOTALLY Olde Ghost 7″ on Handstand Records. With a special Green Vinyl addition that looks so cool and represents Handstand’s earth-friendly ethics.

With killer artwork by drummer Adam Paterson, this is an amazing feat. These dudes pulled this 7″ off with amazing sound quality, a DIY process that looks super-tight and professional, yet has a really individual style and aesthetic. Mad props Handstand + Olde Ghost!