Casey Wilson is one of the funniest ladies you will ever come across.

I could have told you this all through middle and high school, but now I don’t have to. Lorne Michaels figured this out for himself, and (rightfully so) put our girl on Saturday Night Live. Casey was seriously one of the hilarious and stand-out cast members this season, and I am not just saying that because she’s my friend. Or because she’s paying me. I accept Paypal or cash.

This week, Casey contributed to the very funny website Funny or Die. Check out her Blah Blah Blahg up on that piece. Read it, comment, and vote ‘funny’ for her hilarious videos.

And get ready for an hour and a half of laughs when the film Casey wrote with June Raphael comes out. Bride Wars comes out sometime next year. I will keep you posted on the release date.