My husband prepared for our “Three Christmases in Six Days” East Coast tour by down-loading NPR’s free podcast This American Life. We drove 700 miles and listened to 8 hour-long episodes. Each one made me laugh, cry, think, and provided unique perspectives and unexpected points-of-view.

The episode that resonated with me the most was episode 364, Going Big. This episode is a compilation of three determined individual’s stories, one being the inspiring and passionate Geoffrey Canada, founder of Harlem Children’s Zone. The story is so moving, I can’t sum it up in one entry. Just do yourself a favor and listen to this incredibly hopeful story.

This American Life provides hours of fascinating stories for FREE. Head over to the website to download their pod casts and archives. The touch financial times are hitting the generous broadcast, so please try to donate a dollar or two to support their generosity and genius.