My best friend Justin is running this really cool green theater company called At Hand Theatre. My husband made their website, and the company was created by another good friend, Daniel Horrigan. Dan is a director, but recently embarked on the journey of writing a one-man show about life, love, pop culture, kitchenware, and his experience of finding out he has HIV. Or is HIV. He is still figuring it out in a surprisingly HILARIOUS way in ‘My AiDS….a comedy’.

This is Dan and I after the opening night party in which some of the proceeds from the show went to the important charity, the Anti-Violence Project, an organization that tries to prevent and help with hate crimes. Each performance of this $25 (dirt cheap for NYC theater!!!) go to a vital LGBT charity. That stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered for those of you who skipped Pride this year:). So, not only is this a hilarious, touching, and incredibly personal NYC coming-of-age-30 play, but it is also a really important cause that is close to my heart. It is only playing through March 1st, so get the word out, and go see a fantastic play that is already getting all kinds of press and accolades.

I literally had to stifle my loud, genuine cackle, because Dan is side-splittingly wry and witty. He’s like a gay Golden Gilmore Girl….with AiDS.