Two girls on a train. Photo by Will Cole
One of my closest girlfriends and favorite humans, Daisy, came into town this weekend and it was A DELIGHT to have her. On Friday night we attended the She’s A Rebel screening at The Nickle Series where Daisy and her film sweetly stole the elegant show. The films were all incredible and the location, The Player’s Club, was classic Old New York. 
One of the night’s key moments was Daisy’s Little Mermaid Fascinator that she wore. It so perfectly complimented the blue in her hair and the turquoise faceted gem earrings that I made for her.
The rest of the weekend involved resting/vegging/movies/tv. Specifically Life of Pi. OH. MY. GOD. It’s an amazingly gorgeous film on every level. Watching it was a thrilling cinematic experience and I am continuing to experience and process the film in the days since in a beautiful, sad, and moving way. 

Golden Girls t-shirt

On Sunday, Daisy and I strolled the hood and ate a delicious brunch at Cafe’ Collette. Their Southern Sea cocktail is to die for and their breakfast sandwich (I always go with bacon) is worth the egg running down your hand. So very worth it. I was too engrossed in satiation and conversation to snap a photo of the food but I came to my senses upon seeing this Golden Girls t-shirt on a waiter on our way out.