It’s not surprising to me that my mom went into labor with me while ironing and eagerly awaiting an episode of Dallas. I grew up watching and LOVING Dallas and then once I “grew up” I kept on watching and LOVING DALLAS. Even more. A lot of the world concurs (especially Russia) and tonight marks a historic moment in television. The very last episode of Dallas that Larry Hagman was in airs tonight on TNT. I am incredibly sad to say goodbye to a television legend, a Hollywood icon, and one of my favorite characters and buddhist cowboys. Larry Hagman had a sparkle in his eyes that reflected an infectious zest for life.  The life and love he brought to JR Ewing made Dallas more than just a tv show. 
Tonight, let’s raise our tumblers of bourbon and tip our Stetson’s to the slyest fox and the slickest villan and wish him well as he enters the pearly Southfork gates in heaven. Thank you for the years of complete entertainment and joy!


As my darlin’s Barret, Dejon, and I have been known to say: “Dallas isn’t just a tv show to us. It’s in our DNA. It’s Dallas-N-A.” Okay, MAYBE a cocktail or two or three were consumed when we uttered those words. It doesn’t make them less true. 

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