My husband returned from a recent trip with a gaggle of new vinyl including the self-titled debut album from Skid Row. This album is a little extra special for us because the song ‘I Remember You’ was a part of our wedding CD favor. And, yes, we are already DATING our wedding by having a CD as a favor. As you can see from the photos of the album “art”, Sebastian Bach was/is A DREAM BOAT. 

Dave “The Snake” Sabo / Sebastian Bach / Rachel Bolan

Yes, these are all dudes. Even the one on the far right who goes by the name Rachel. My FAVORITE (pitter patter), Sebastian Bach, is a stunning adonis of a creature whom you must admit, oddly resembles Blake Lively. AmIright?!

This record was photographed sans sleeve, but as I’ve mentioned before, we in the Cole household highly recommend protecting your records with sleeves.