Two of my closest, dearest friends have had tiny bundles of pink perfection in the last week and a half and I am brimming with aunt-like love and pride. One is right here in Brooklyn, but my sweet Michaela is all the way out in Denver, Colorado and a loving care package will have to suffice until I can manage a return trip out there again. At this point I feel motivated to walk my eager tuckus across the country to get my hands on her a little bit-early, under-6-pound peanut of love!

// Contents of the Baby Mama Package //
+ A  little composition book to keep by the bedside or crib or in her pocket to jot down little moments to document later. These first few weeks/month of infancy are apparently INSANE, but new mother’s want to commemorate everything, so a tiny book to write these details down in might help.

+ Sweet baby cards to celebrate Emilie’s arrival.
+ A cute little bunny bath mitt.
+ Tiny Beautiful Things, an incredible book filled with short chapters that are the perfect length to read when the baby fallas asleep right before you do. 
+ A special personalized gift for mama to wear and represent the frist letter of her baby’s name from my fav store, Catbird.

* IF money were no object I would add in this cashmere eyemask, this lavender candle, these gold ballet slippers, and ohgoodheavens THESE tiny baby moccasins (!I DIE!).