This month has been so slammed with work that reading has been a thing of the past. We are about to get a respite from it all, so I plan on finishing the lovely Torch this weekend, and am packing up these two highly-recommended gems to take to THE LAKE HOUSE. Two of my favorite blogs Cup of Jo and Panda Head recommended these reads, as did a couple of trusted friends. So I am thrilled to add them to my travel bag as we prepare for a week-long vacation at a gorgeous house right on a lake in the Catskills.

Our landlord actually told us that we HAVE to vacate our home for a week so that his construction workers can “move the staircase”. Okay. I’m not even going to imagine that monstrosity, and am just pleased for the excuse to get the heck outta Dodge. The construction that awoke us at 7:45 this morning from all sides of our building (including the INside) and scaffolding that lines the entire block strongly reinforce our decision to move on and up.