Book: Where’d You Go, Bernadette
Author: Maria Semple

Purchased back in August, this, along with a few other books, have been awaiting my full attention for several months now. I actually tore through most of this captivating novel on the train to and from Alexandria, Virginia a couple of weeks ago. It was so engaging and sweet and funny, literally laugh-out-loud-on-public-transportation funny, that I nearly missed my Penn Station stop. That’s hard to do, since it’s always the very last stop on the train. It was delicious and I want to eat up every word Maria Semple has ever written.

A big resolution for this year is MORE BOOKS, LESS TELEVISION. I’ve always been a big reader and my favorite literary experiences are those that contain this other world that I find impossible to tear myself out of when I put the book down. Some of my all-time favorite moments in life are those long days sitting on a beach under an umbrella devouring a book that I can’t bare to put down.

Last year, there was a lot that required all of my mental attention and drained most of my energy, that my reading stints were short-lived and only partially focused. I am finding this rediscovery of the novel an engrossing journey that feeds the soul and awakens the mind. I’ll share what I can’t put down here in this Currently Reading series, and would just love to hear your feed-back on your favorite books. What are you reading that you recommend? What writer drives you to put every book they’ve written on your Amazon wishlist? Fill a sister IN in the comment section.

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