In the last week it went from being oddly cold and rainy to hot, humid, and sticky-as-a-mug (the technical term). When it gets this brutal out we try to stave off putting the air conditioners in by any means necessary. I really prefer keeping the windows open and having a fan pulling a cross-breeze into the house for as long as possible. Coming up with tasty cold beverages helps in this fete, with the above being the most simple way to cool off with a spruced-up glass of cold water.

To make: Add a few sprigs of fresh mint and the juice of half of a lemon to the bottom of your glass. Use the handle of a wooden spoon to muddle the flavors of the two together. Muddling is basically just mushing the ingredients together, releasing their juices and flavors. Add in a few cubes of ice and top off with filtered water. Simple, delicious, and cold!

*Pre-make ice cubes with black, blue or rasberries in them for a pop of color and extra flavor.