+ Continue on my mission Operation No Wrinkles with an arsenal of seasonal weapons to fight against the oppressive sun. I bought this hat the other day when the harmful rays were beating down upon my face fading the powerful SPF applied earlier and quickly burning my button nose. #operationnowrinkles
+ Everlane tees are a summer staple and now I’m coveting the new Poplin collection of crisp white and sand collared shirts. This weekend I plan on choosing which ones I need to wear with linen shorts and a braided belt and adding them to my Amazon wishlist. 
Finish organizing the office. One small box of supplies remains unorganized. ALMOST. THERE.

+ Memorize the 21 Rules of Entertaining by Dinner A Love Story. I printed this puppy out and have a high-lighter ready to make it mine. 
+ Read this because I finished this. Both by the brilliant Cheryl Strayed whose every word I eat up. I need to read every word that she has written.

+ Schedule which of these summer flicks we will go watch from the comfort of a blanket in the grass with a view of Manhattan behind the big screen. Mmm summer in the city can be so sweet.

+ Send this new baby mama care package.

Whatever you crazy kids get into this weekend be careful of that sun and have a blast!