This weekend I…

+ Brought this beauty home with my husband to fully welcome the holiday season into our home.

+ Decorated our tree with our favorite ornaments, most of which are handmade or were given to us by loved ones. There are little pieces of my mom, Nana, my grandma D, my sister Lauren, all over this beautiful tree, and THAT is what it’s all about.

+ Made this Moroccan-inspired paper star for our tree. How did I NOT have a tree topper? I think I’m going to need to invest in one of these retro atomic tree toppers for next year.

+ Strung these magical and symmetrical Christmas lights in our front bedroom windows. They look so lovely inside and out!

+ Watched this beautiful snow fall while staying warm and cozy inside. 

+ Played and romped in it with these adorable babies. LOOK AT THAT FACE. Kills me every time.

+ Watched this. And this. And I dare you to judge me, this. Sometimes you just need a trip to the Church of Oprah.