I am thrilled to say goodbye to 2013 and am so ready for the fresh start and clean slate a new year brings tomorrow. All of the 2013 retrospectives are a little overwhelming, as I can’t even fully wrap my head around all that happened this year. Instead, I just want to focus on the gratitude I feel about a few of the loveliest things to come out of this year, and then I plan on focusing solely on what’s to come.

// The Best of 2013 //

+ Our 5 year anniversary vow renewal. See it here, here, and here.
+ My precious, beloved babies and best friends, Gracie and Milo.
+ Our ability to laugh through the good times and bad.

+ The health of my niece and nephew, whom I love endlessly.
+ The birth of some of my closest friend’s babies. Welcome to the world Emilie, Estella, Maia, Mary-Cate, Eloise, and Wes!
+ Time with my families, whom I adore and appreciate.
+ My darling and dear brother’s wedding. My brother doubles as one of my favorite humans and his new wife is someone who I am lucky to call my sister.
+ The launch of HGTV Handmade.
+ The friends and family who stood by us during our hardest times. The ones who would never even think of judging either of us as we went through the hardest year of our life. The ones whose first response was “I’ll be there”, “what can I do to help”, or “no matter what, you are not alone.” Those perfect, amazing people who had our backs during the darkness and stood by us until we began to feel the light on our faces. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
+ YOU. 
Thank you for reading Nest, watching my videos, and supporting me and my work in whatever way you do. I love making, creating, and sharing it all with you. Thank you for helping making this year the best it could be, and I look so forward to sharing 2014 with you all.

+ Most importantly, my husband getting healthy.

Have a safe, healthy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!