these shoes make my heart pitter patter……..anthropology came correct with these. i literally gasped with delight, my heart skipped a beat, and i felt like i had a crush on the cute boy in math class. just a pair of boots, you say? no, my friend, these are what make me question the statement that money can’t buy happiness. these mustard-colored, suede, slouchy boots make me remarkably happy. they will last forever and are fantastic. i usually am a no-shoes-in-the-house kinda gal, but i’m will with his darth vader sneakers in kindergarten. i want to sleep in my shoes.
black coffee table found on the street. it was pretty gnarly wood, couldn’t be salvaged with any stain so we painted it white at first. then, on a weekend whim, will & i painted that sucker a shiny, semi-gloss black. voila! lovely table. free. i think about 8 bones for the paint.
white shag carpet. ahhh. a dream of mine since the idea of having my own mary tyler moore-esque pad. that dream became a reality when ikea came through with this comfy, cozy, white shag carpet. 4’7″ x 6’7″ it is perfect with the black coffee table. and never mock the almighty ikea. ikea’s modern standard pieces are great to fill in the gaps between larger purchases and look great in stark contrast to older, vintage, antique pieces. this carpet is just what you need. good enough to have in your most-lived-in-room, but cheap enough that it’s not that big of a deal if something spills. we’re klutzes. our stuff has to be like that.
the lotus. enderby’s lotus bag with vintage button closure, pleats, interior pocket in lotus fabric. interior lined in vintage light pink printed fabric.