Spotlight on the refreshing, precious, and oh-so-fabulous singer and style icon, Lily Allen. Little Miss Allen is a remarkably talented singer and songwriter who’s chart-topping pop album has been a heavy part of the soundtrack of 07 so far. For a peppy pop album, I can get way down with it. Super-dance-to-able, I really dig the punk, ska and reggae under-currants and sassy lyrics peppered with curse words and feisty slams. Clearly, a young woman wise beyond her years, Lily seems light-hearted, refreshing, while soulful, deep and melancholy. At only twenty one, Lily seems to know exactly who she is, and is very comfortable in her own skin. She can rock a vintage little cocktail dress with ghetto-fabulous gold jewelry, bright, fun eye make-up, and an antique hand bag and she’s ready to go. Lily’s ensembles are eclectic, authentic, fun and lovely. How fitting.

Lily’s Top ten Bands:

Ragga Twins
The Streets ( album 1 )
Scissor Sisters
The Clash
The Slits

Lily’s Top Ten Things:

Nike Air max 90’s
Sunday roasts
Marc Jacobs Handbags
My shiny new Laptop
Sonicare toothbrush

I was so inspired by this lovely lady, that I grabbed a pair of her token ghetto fabulous heart earrings from Fred Flare. I’m sure you can find them cheaper, but I know for sure you can pick up a pair there.