You’ve done it again, Miss Morgan. This beach dress is right on the money. I can feel the sand between my toes, feel the warmth of the late-afternoon sunset kissing my cheeks, and can hear the Bob Marley steal drums kickin’ a tight, relaxed reggae beat.

Morgan’s MUSS line of ‘thrift-store couture’ impressed the hell out of the masses at the first Stylistics event, and will also kick it at Stylistics 2 in Washington, D.C. on April 21st at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Be there or be square.

And be sure to keep checking Morgan’s D.C. Style Guide, PANDAHEAD for killer, unique style on the streets.

My heart skips a beat for these straight-from-heaven chocolate boots. Wow.

Lookin’ good, El Harto. (lower left)

Lovely, simple, classic, and unique.

FANTASTIC! Thank you, Morgan, for highlighting a diverse group of D.C. kids with style.

From ghetto-fabulous, to this amazingly awesome friend of Little Edie Beale.

Morgan enriches the already aesthetically-exhilarating Style Guide by interviewing bands, indie innovative companies, artists and boutiques. Pandahead conducted a hilarious interview with Rory Sheridan who started his own indie design company, Super Perfect Hair.

Go find PANDAHEAD‘s interview with Rory now to read all about Mr. Perfect’s style influences and his fashion inspiration. You’ll be sure to stumble across hours worth of a fashion feast while locating this clever little conversation on the good, the bad and the ugly.

Super Perfect Logo Tee

Super Perfect RAMBO Tee. Love this.

Go check it out and see why Marty McFly is still one of Mr. Sheridan’s fav style icons, and should be yours.

I feel you, Rory.