Holy Rosemary’s Baby! I love this homage to Mia Farrow in this beautifully delicate, feminine White Ruffled Collar Baby Doll Dress by Valentine Leung. Stunning.

Why, hello there, perfect 1950’s, Katherine Hepburn-style-trousers. Get into my wardrobe immediately please. And, thank you.

Fantastically casual, with remarkable couture detailing and lines. This black jumper would make a great staple piece in your wardrobe. make it casual with jeans, wedges, chunky wood, mod, accessories, or go all gold for a a classic, evening look. This piece is expensive, but would work with so much.

These White Tina Sandals from S&J are almost exact replicas of the sandals my mom had her bridesmaids rock in her 1975 wedding to my dad. They are fantastic and would look amazing with almost any Spring or Summer outfit.

Les Prairies de Paris by Black Josephine Jersey Strapless Dress can take to every event you have on your calender in the next few years. Classic and simple, this elegant sheath strapless dress comes with a jersey tie to belt how you choose. It works as a basic, yet elegant canvas for unique vintage jewelry. Wear this dress with large, gold ghetto hoops and pieces, or go dressy with heals, and your favorite pieces of jewelry with an antique beaded clutch. This dress can create a million different looks, from boots to flip flips to vintage Italian leather heals, to wedges. Worth the price tag. A forever piece. Love it.

This Dark Grey Tulip Dress with Front Buttons by Willow mixes vintage with modern and creates a totally unique cut and look. This dress has amazing construction. Cool lines, and I love the grey color mixed with bright, rich Spring hues and tones. Deep turquoise, a rich, dark purple, a bright yellow. These colors would make the duller grey pop for Spring and Summer.

Oh, dark blue denim jumper, please come home with me and become my uniform for life. You could do everything from housework to roller skating in this fabulous costume of the day…….
You can find most of these fabulous frocks at the Satine Boutiquein L.A.