Hello there, fellow nesters. I am back in my nest in Brooklyn and happy to be home. My little buddy rescue mutt Gracie and I traveled with Enderby home to AV and D.C. And eventful, creative and family-enriched extended stay was wonderful, exhausting, fun and inspiring. While I was away, Spring came through and has decided to stay for awhile. Thank goodness, as I have several Spring and Summer additions to our nest and my wardrobe.

Enderby’s new Spring & Summer vintage line and new line of apparell, MOD debuted at Stylistics at the Rock and Roll HotelSaturday night. Thank you Cortney and CLAP!,

Morgan from PANDAHEAD and MUSS and to all of the designers, supporters and to the incredibly rad group of friends and family that came out to check out Enderby in D.C. I can’t even tell you, in this haze of sleep-deprivation, how much I really and truly appreciate your support.

The ever-so-stylish and inspiring Allie Maddox rocking her new Enderby reversible vintage Parisian scarf tote bag and our sweet, sweet, long-over-due, love-at-first-sight meeting. And what is she wearing? Oh, an Enderby head scarf that was made just for her.

The lovely Miss Caroline Berry wearing a custom-made Enderby Obi belt. Your beagle tote is comin’, sister!

A big shout-out and thank you to my sisters Lauren, Catherine and Christine for their support and love! I am, for real, the luckiest girl in the world to have the three sweetest, kindest, most fun and hilarious best friends in the world, as my big sisters.