Look at this adorable Honeycomb Jacket Mod Cloth in navy and white. I’d wear (either color, but prefer) the navy Honeycomb Jacket with an up-turned collar, a messy-high pony tail, gold hoops, big-cuffed fitted capri jeans and these shoes. Great piece.

Or these….(pitter-patter-pitter-patter. yeah, that is indeed the sound of my heart skipping a beat for these incredible Nude Ankle Booties. I love them.
I’d be sure not to leave my nest without my handy-dandy ghetto-mod Apple Pickin Necklace for my mussed-up hair.

To top it all off, this tote is “so money, and it doesn’t even know it”. Oh man, I’m trying to save $$$, but since spotting Indie Shopping’s List of Emerging Artists of 2007, it won’t be possible. That list led me to Mod Cloth, which led me to this killer Betty Joy.

*Wow. I just have to add on here, that I just had the most pleasant customer service experience with Mod Cloth. So pleasant in this audio-digital customer service day and age, that I will definitely be a repeat customer. Fantastic company you got there, Mod Cloth. Thanks for the personal touch