Salvage Life carries lovely vintage items and up-dates her Etsy shop often enough to check each week and find new goodies. As a repeat customer, I always eye what she has in stock, and man did I find somethin’ fabulous this week! These white vintage leather booties are freakin’ fantastic!

I wish, I wish my feet ould shrink a bit and fit into the size 7 that these gems run as. Vintage shoes and gloves are always so tiny. It makes me wonder, are women just growing? Am I huge? What is going on? I know my nana is a mere 5’3″, with size 6.5 shoes and teeny tiny hands, but I thought she was just a special little thing. When I shop vintage, which is almost all I shop, I find the feet and hands of women who rocked the duds before were very miniscule. It makes good-fitting vintage shoes very hard to find.