I’ll never forget my very first pair….Old School white lace-up Vans, with a red stripe. I bought them with my sister Lauren in Penny Lane at Rehobeth Beach summer of ’92 after an afternoon on the boardwalk, of course. I wore them until they fell off of my feet several years later in high school. Those white shoes got me through a Lalapalooza 94′ mudpit, the awkward teen years, and everything in between. I’ve owned a few since, and will own many more in my years. The simple, classic old school shoes are where it’s at. I was looking for these navy classic old school’s, but found these instead and love them. Just bought these up the street for a steal! They are a great simple canvas for all of the bright colors I have goin’ on in my Spring & Summer wardrobe.

When a brand of shoes can take you from age 13 to 27, you know they are doing something right.Love the Chukka Boot in True White and Light Grey.

These are all great.