Okay, I’m not done. MouseVox Vintage just gets cuter and cuter and I have no choice but to share Rachel’s genius with the world. I want to keep her all to myself, but must share her with the hundreds of other ebay bidders who have discovered this adorable fashionista with the perfect eye for a diamond in the ruff.

The above polaroid is of me wearing one piece from the 2-piece set I bought from MouseVox. An incredible bold, navy, red and white poppy print sleeveless, large-collared button-up with pockets, AND matching hot shorts make this purchase a rare, rad find.

Rachel’s eye is unmistakable, eclectic and keen. Her lovely photographs display and showcase each piece, and have a rich character to them that makes you feel like you’re buddies with the artist/shop-owner/collector/photographer. Each picture tells a bit of a story, or at least gives you a glimpse into the life of the woman wearing the ensemble. I just love the first photo in the black dress with large, vintage sunglasses. It reminds me a bit of Michelle Pfeiffer in ‘Scarface’, or makes me see a sad, 1970’s yuppy hiding her miserable boredom behind the over-sized, dark frames.

You’ll wish you were friends with Miss Rachel of MouseVox after taking a gander through her adorable frocks and separates.