Salvage Life is more than just an amazing shop. This girl is not only crafty, but she has green, earth-friendly ways and wears and shares them with you in a fun, entertaining dialogue here.

I adore the gold sequined purse and fantastic retro Madonna-circa-‘mid-eighties chain belt.

My mom definitely wore something just like this in the eighties.
Love the button-up on the side, and will wear this with chunky, mod, wooden jewelry with some great boots in the fall.

I’ll rock the frock in my Muss Vintage leather sandle wedges this Spring and Summer.

If grey is the new chocolate brown, than this is my new fav bag.

All this and more from an Etsy shop I adore so much, I kinda want it to ask me to marry it.

What a pretty silver leaf broach and charm bracelet. Wear your dedication to nature on your lapel or wrist with these lovely flora jewelry pieces.

Save energy this summer by keeping the air conditioner low or off when possible, and your energy-star fans on. Keep comfortable in a light, cool vintage slip, babydoll top, nightgown. Just because they were intended to be worn to sleep in long ago, they work beautifully as light, vintage, summer pieces.

Girls, now is the time to stock up on vintage sundresses to keep from over-heating again this August. Be nice and cool in a recycled-yet-good-as-new dress like this pink one.

Ooh, and what an awesome metallic belt.

Could this bag be any cuter, or more useful? Perfect for a plane ride.

I wish I had this on our trip to London a couple of weeks ago. It would have served the purpose better than the childhood, recycled pink bag I lugged around. The sad, little thing broke half-way there. I could have used this great, sturdy, green three-pocketed bag.

This place is like a utopia of all things salvaged and re-purposed….