Bi La Li Cocoon Coat at is a wearable work of art. I first I found this delicious shop when looking up who made my perfect mustard suede boots, and have adored Le Train Bleu ever since. With pieces like this Miss Golightly vest, you can see why.

This is the boutique for simple, classic dresses that will be forever pieces.

Like this lovely Alice Spring Dress.

Making black and white anything but simple with their fresh frocks, Le Train Bleu carries French designs that give a Parisian feel.

This Heidi Traveling Dress, while being way-too-expensive than what my budget can afford at the moment, would be a great forever piece. Simple, yet classic, wit a slight vintage-mod feel, this silk-lined perfect black dress would be an invenstment in your wardrobe.

The three pairs of shoes this fantastic place has provided my toes with.