What is better than a fanny pack, you may ask. Not much. But this sure is. After my wallet nearly left my back pocket in London a month or so ago, I popped into an American Apparel on Carnaby Street, and got this brilliant gold wallet and attached it to my jeans belt loop. Since I rarely leave without a pair of jeans on my a$%, the Lame coin purse kept me in check.

With my cash safely stashed, I was then free to spend a tremendous amount of weak-ass U.S. money in the U.K. on pints, clothes and vintage finds from the market. Just doing my best to help Tony Blair leave office with the economy booming. You can thank me later, Mr. Blair. When you stop supporting the war. Oh, snap.

I also bumped into this dude in the check-out line and had to snap up a pic of his two-toned purple ensemble. And that was before I even saw the Scrappy Doo tie.

I thought the general feel of London fashion would be as cutting edge as it was, but a bit more subdued or conservative. I noticed the opposite. I’m sure the greys and navy’s were donned, but I didn’t notice that as much as I anticipated.

My eye was drawn to an array of bright hues, a vibrant palette of yellows, oranges, greens and pinks. Perfect for Summer.