Threadbangers has been bringing us hilarious DIY fashion shows for the last 20 wonderful weeks. Rob & Corinne are fantastic, and I hope there are a million more weeks of great indie, Do-It-Yourself fashion projects and tips in store for us. Check out their website for all of their clever, funny and super-easy-to-follow DIY Fashion episodes and more.
And, gasp/blush…they were so kind as to make Enderby the Etsy shop of the week. Aww, shucks.

Etsy Pick of the Week

Hey guys, out Etsy pick of the week involves earth friendly apparel and accessories. It’s called Enderby and its run by one woman, based out of Brooklyn, NY. The items use recycle vintage material to make their awesome clothes, totes, cards and bags, so you’re not only rockin’ out in style, but you’re helping the environment at the same time. Way to go!