The above pair of kicks are my all-time favorite. I found them in a vintage shop in Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1996. I have cherished every step I’ve taken in them ever since. Authentic Italian leather Oxford’s from the 40’s, they are classic and timeless. They are getting a bit worn, and now I am in search of a great pair of Saddle Shoes to absorb some of the wear.

Saddle shoes are a classic staple from your mom’s wardrobe in the 50’s-60’s, although they came about in the early 1900’s. Although they give me flashbacks to being forced into frilly dresses on Sundays as a tyke, the retro wardrobe piece remains a major crush of mine to this day. I’m searching for the perfect vintage pair. Til then, I can follow the super-easy DIY instructions of how to make my own in Morgan Hungerford’s rad Style Column in Brightest Young Things.

Be sure to check this column and Morgan’s D.C. Street Style blog PandaHead. The DIY fashion articles are totally tight, way do-able, and even if you’re not going to follow-through with the project of the week, it’s nice to know you could if you wanted to.