September has been a very stylish and busy month. We are in high-fashion over-load, in a good way. I have stacks of THE BIGGEST ISSUE EVER September issues of fashion magazines and have taken in hours of Full Frontal. There is a lot of great coverage on Fashion week so I won’t even try to be able to sum it up succinctly. Instead, here are just some of the Fall fashion favorites I’ve stumbled across in mags, blogs, and shops. From so-expensive-it’s-strictly-inspiration to the budget-conscious, here are a few autumnal clothes I covet.

Fendi Angel Sleeve Blouse + Rodnik High-Waisted Pencil Skirt

Catherine Malandrino Emerald Keyhole Blouse + Dolce & Gabana Denim Pencil Skirt

This Fall mix the classic denim, black, grey or navy pieces with luscious, rich, and bright hues and tones. Mustard, plum, chocolate brown are some of my favs to pull this season.

Pair them with anything from ghetto gold like this amazing snake bracelet I must own from Go Jane. Also a great spot for killer ballet flats.

Use your Vogue and favorite designers and style icons as inspiration in knowing what to look for in vintage stores, on websites like Etsy or Ebay, or your fav knock-off shops like Forever21, Marshall’s. Net-A-Porter is a website that brings the designer runway collections to you to purchase (if you are super-ruch), or for inspiration on how you can take runway and make it reality.

This Drop Sleeve Trench Coat from TopShop is a fun, modern spin on the classic piece. A perfect trench is a forever piece every woman needs to have in her closet. My mom handed down to me her 1969 London Fog trench that she used to wear. A little taller than I, the trench hit me in an unattractive length around the shin, so I hemmed it to be the perfect fall coat-length for my body, leaving extra fabric to let-out if need be. I wore the coat almost every day while traveling through Holland and Switzerland last fall.
Those sleeves are fantastic and perfect for layering with one of these great tops, also from TopShop.

Now that the sweltering heat has abated, we ladies can class it up a notch and play with nail polish, rich lip shades, tights and layers. Summer dresses are fantastic, but Fall renders itself to be a time for feminine sweaters, sequined tops and jackets galore!

Like all of the other budget-conscious-fashion-obsessed ladies out there, I am enjoying this new trend of couture designers gracing department stores with their collections. The newest of this development is Simply Vera, Vera Wang‘s Fall line for Kohl’s.

This Graphite Pleated Skirt is adorable and has an essential feature in it’s two pockets. Again, I have not seen the line in person yet to inspect construction or quality, so I can’t guarantee they translate to the affordable rack. The ads in the Fall 2007 September Vogue were lovely and intriguing, so I am curious to see how yet on the Kohl’s site, most of the pieces are leaning towards the “bobo” side. If anyone has done so, please report back on the quality and look in person.

I am keeping the faith in Vera until I know for sure. These combos don’t always work, as I saw when vising London in May. All the fuss surrounding Kate Moss’ line for TopShop was nothing to write home about, but there are always hits and misses.

*First image is Bloused Sweater Coat from Anthropologie