One of the very few movies that fall under the ‘actually as good as the book deserved’ category, is Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides. I devoured the haunting and enchanting Jeffrey Eugenides novel in college, in a matter of hours.

The three day obsession with eating up every single word on the page left me changed and inspired, warm and alive.

Great timing in that the film was released immediately upon my completion. Surprisingly satiated and aesthically-impressed upon, Sophia Coppola was immediately forgiven for The Godfather III, and quickly became a favorite filmmaker.

The perfect summer cinematic meal is filled with sunlit fields, flowing floral frocks, and long-haired sisters in homemade clothes listening to the forbidden vinyl .

This Summer’s to-do list: Re-read this and Nabokov’s Lolita.

Until you pick up the novel, here is the Lisbon girl’s bedroom. So feminine and teenager-girl, I need to write in my diary about it.