In the summertime I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but when I do I have some favorites that I swear by. To give your cheeks a natural sun-kissed glow, Dallas bronzer is fantastic. It costs $28 which sounds like a lot, but it lasts FOREVER. You will seriously have it for over a year and it always makes you look and feel refreshed and ready!

Okay, ladies, this is the eye liner that you are going to want to pick up to apply the perfect cat-eye to your lids. I have tried several different brands and methods for a seamless cat eye effect, and this Maybelline Eyestudio is the only one that has been easy. Before you apply, dust on a tiny bit of powder onto your lid. Then dip the brush into the liner and, starting from the inner corner, paint on a cat eye layer by layer. Building the cat eye with thin layers prevents caking and gives you more control. When you have the perfect shape, gently pat on another light dusting of powder to set. Super simple and leaves a dramatic effect.

What are your make-up essentials that all ladies NEED TO KNOW about? Any secrets or tips for seamless applications?