The essential I literally NEVER EVER take off of my body is my wedding ring. I wear my engagement ring most of the time too, but I never remove my band. Just can’t. The band we had made by Elma Blint, a local designer whom we found at Brooklyn Flea in 2008. We helped design it and provided the ice. The four tiny diamonds were from Will’s grandmother’s wedding band and the 7 diamonds in the middle were from the engagement ring my dad gave my stepmom. My parents up-graded on their 10th anniversary and at some point and gave us the ring to use. this method meant we didn’t have to support the diamond industry, we could recycle family gems, and got to create a one-of-a-kind custom piece. It felt right to us and the rings mean everything to me.


The engagement ring belonged to my husband’s paternal grandmother whose wedding anniversary is September 15th, the the same day Will proposed and the anniversary of the day we adopted Gracie. It is a vintage platinum art deco-style ring, just like the photos of vintage rings I had looked at on my own. I would have picked it out of a million rings had I had the choice. I love it.