Refinery29 is a girl’s best friend during Fashion Week, EVEN MORE SO when fashion week coincides with flu/snowstorm season and you want to check the latest and hottest designers from the warmth of your Pendleton-clad Eames lounge. Lauren Moffat was inspired by a recent romp in the Catskills and presented her new Fall ’13 “Cabin Rentals” with an interactive presentation including acoustic guitars and cozy models. Um, yes please. Yes to each. And every. Piece you see here.

I am getting some serious Rosemary Woodhouse/Susie Bishop vibes and nautical under-tones from this gloriously cozy high fashion moment. 

I want to be inside that cardigan, like NOW. See the whole slideshow on R29 here. For ALL show info and photos, Style is your go-to tool. Enjoy (while secretly in your pjs)!