I can’t EVEN. I just can’t. Mara Hoffman‘s Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week line just slayed my soul into a million little tiny pieces that will only be restored if I can live and die in the geometric-tribal-print caftans/kimono/tunic/dress moments that are peppered throughout the stunning show. 

This line is making me feel like I did when I had my first elementary school crush. So thrilled and elated-beyond-belief that such an exquisite THING exists, yet the fact that it exists and I am not married to it just HURTS MY HEART. And no, I am not being dramatic, I am just stating the facts. Hard cold facts.

Take note of what is happening south of the model’s ankles: Colorblock cap toe shoes. DIY your own shoes to look the same with my tutorial so you are one step closer to being runway-worthy.

Fashion Week-inspired DIYs:  

// Neon Colorblock Heels // Geometric Necklace // Peter Pan Collar //

All images from Style.com