The movie Heartburn epitomizes an aesthetic genre of New York movies from the mid-80’s through mid-90’s that I am obsessed with (think Kramer vs. Kramer and Husbands and Wives). It was filmed on location in my two favorites cities: New York and D.C. It stars two of my favorite actors: Streep and Nicholson. And it combines two of my favorite things: history and gossip.

Based on Nora Ephron’s autobiographical novel of the same name, Heartburn shares in great detail Ephron’s second marriage that went desperately awry when she found out her Washingtonian writer-husband had an affair with someone in their circle while getting her hurr did. You’ll just NEVER GUESS who that husband was. None other than….Carl Bernstein! The SAME journalist who was immortalized by Dustin Hoffman in “All the President’s Men” for blowing the cover of the Watergate scandal was ALSO immortalized by Jack Nicholson in “Heartburn” for being married to Nora Ephron, having an affair, and ruining their marriage while she was pregnant with their second kid. This movie is a thinking woman’s Us Weekly in film form.

In addition to the locations, actors, juicy gossip and political history, the interiors and fashions are to-die-for. I wanted to wear ever shoulder-pad-having blazer and woven colorblock purse Meryl Streep donned. The ethnic dress/blazer/bag/necklace combo in the above photo gives you a taste. Very Thirtysomething. Very “My mom in the 80’s“. Very me. I’m INTO it.

We are NOT discussing the sweater on the woman on the right. We just can’t go there right now. But I WILL join you in a conversation about the over-sized sunglasses it looks like she is carrying.