Some of you were asking what I was wearing on my lips in this week’s HGTV video, and wouldn’t you mind-reader readers know, I was already prepping a post to share this gem of a lip stain with you. A couple of weeks ago I picked up this Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Passion, and was so over the moon for it, I ran right out and picked it up in Cherish. I wore in this week’s video, I wore it to my chiropractor’s office, I wore it to a rehearsal dinner. To test it’s diversity on skin tone, one of my best friends, who happens to be an African American drag queen called $himmy Hendrix, also tried it on… and it shined like RuPaul’s pearly whites. There is nothing this lip stain won’t do except get your weave stuck to your face, which, to me, is the highest of recommendations.

Please let's have a moment for the look on Strudel's face here. DAY MAKER.
Please let’s have a moment for the look on Strudel’s face here. DAY MAKER.