One of the most beautiful, stylish couples was German photographer Astrid Kirchherr and the Beatles original bassist, the late Stuart Sutcliffe.

Art school buddy of John Lennon, Stuart befriended Astrid, who took a collection of amazingly intimate, gritty photographs of the boys and their Liverpool band.

Of all the photographs taken of the Beatles through the years, Astrid Kirchherr’s had a rich, authentic quality to them that was enhanced by her familial, close friendship with them.

Artists in every sense as poets and painters with bittersweet music and photographs to document their brief yet timeless bond.

Stuart and Astrid had an effortless style and look.

With artful coifs Astrid cut herself and donning elegant black ensembles, the couple were at the height of their fascination with abstract expressionism when these photographs were taken.

They had a connection so close, so romantic, that inevitably bled into their art, photography and fashion.

Kirchherr and Sutcliffe were engaged, but due to Stuart’s sudden and untimely young death, they never had the chance to marry.