This summer came and went with only a mere few days spent relaxing and not working. Will and I have been trying to get away for a little down time together in a lovely Airbnb house in Woodstock with my kind of amenities (re: HEATED POOL) but kept having to put it off. In an attempt to not miss the season altogether, we are heading up to Woodstock on Monday to spend a week away from it all with the dog and bathing suits in tow. We will do a lot of swimming, hiking, exploring, lounging, reading, and UNplugging. It is so important to take a break once in awhile so you can return refreshed and ready for more. I’ll be fully unplugged next week, so will miss you, but will return on the 23rd recharged. Until then, here’s a little this and that.

+ THIS turned out just as I wanted it. Simple and weird.

+ Jenna Lyons is everything as are CUFFS + popped collars forevs, so thanks girl for showing us how to do it right in THIS video. Via R29

+ THIS homage to the stylings of Miss Kimmy Gibbler via Of A Kind is giving me what I need.

+ THAT is a dish I can get down with.

+ THIS is the sexiest outlet I’ve ever seen. And the only sexy outlet I’ve ever seen.

+ Still coveting THESE, can’t lie. Catbird forevs.

+ I am still incredibly and genuinely bummed over THIS. If you are too, I highly recommend THIS.