This week has been jam-packed with making, planning, packing, and scheduling. I made, edited, and scheduled next week’s HGTV Handmade video, which will be so summer-ready it’s going to need some SPF. I shopped and packed for a 3-day weekend at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa for one of my best friend’s wedding, and some much-needed r & r. The group of women who I have known and loved since I was 11 will all be there to celebrate, and I can’t wait to be surrounded by all of that love and estrogen. At some point in the weekend I will wear these and this. I’ll finish reading this, and I will watch this on the laptop in our room at night with my best friend. Have you seen it yet? It’s my-cheeks-hurt-from-laughing funny and the opening makes me tear up because I love my best friend so damn much. You and yours have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and if you need something interesting to read or watch, check this list below.

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+ You are welcome for this: The 10 best dance scenes in 90210 via Style Caster.

+ My husband is obsessed with this dude’s record collection via Fact Mag.

+ Who doesn’t want to love their life a little more? I’ve had a pretty life-changing transformation over the last year, and can absolutely see how this is true. 10 Things That People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently via Elite Daily.