+ I’m OBSESSED with this Swell wallpaper by Aimee Wilder. The whole Bungalow line is incredible, but this design and color combo is just really on my wavelength, man.
+ I take advise from Kelly Wearstler to heart, so if she says we need these 5 art books, then we do.
+ I ordered these Outsider Pants about a month ago and they rarely leave my bottom half. Pants that make you feel naked but leave you covered are my fav.
+ New App Alert: EWG // This is my jam. It lets you search or scan your cosmetics, suntan lotion, etc to see how toxic they are. Since cancer-causing agents lurk in many of our favorite brands and there is just too much information on the web to retain, this quick and easy guide is a crucial step in protecting yourself and your kids from cancer-causing hormones and ingredients. Arm yourself!