My dearest friend and closest comrad, Petra, is getting married this Sunday to a wonderful man. This is a day I have looked forward to my whole life and it will go down as the most important one, tied only with births of babies and my own wedding. Click to read below the jump.

Petra has been my best friend, sister, and soul mate since before we can even remember. We literally went INTO kindergarten as friends. Ridiculous. Over the years we’ve only gotten closer, no matter what happened or where we have lived we are always home to each other.

The above is a diary entry of mine from age 11. When I recently went home to help my mom clean out my room, I unearthed relic after relic documenting our three-decade-long friendship. Below is a photo from my 6th birthday. Note the smirk on my face and cute blond girl to my right, Petra.

This is a beautiful and exciting weekend but emotional for sure. I am Petra’s Maid of Honor and am giving the most important speech of my life. Honored to be able to express such love, but humbled by the responsibility of delivering a worthy gesture to my most treasured companion.

This week and weekend I will be devoting myself to Petra and Petra only. Whatever she and Marcus need, I am on it. So, I leave you for the rest of the week, and will return happy and exhausted with lots of lovely photos to share. To see them as they come, you can check my Twitter and Instagram (megallancole). 

I can’t wait to celebrate Petra and Marcus and the start to their life together as husband and wife. Congratulations to my dearest friends, my chosen family.