This weekend was one of the most important moments of my life. On September 30th, 2012, my best friend Petra married her soul mate and best friend on the most gorgeous day in downtown Columbus, Ohio surrounded by friends and family and her chosen family

Petra was drop-dead gorgeous, as always, and as happy as I have ever seen her. She married Marcus Kennedy, a man with a heart so huge you can see it in his smile. They have a papable love and respect for each other that every best friend, sister, or mother would want for her nearest and most beloved girl.

My darling husband walked her down the aisle, creating the most cherished memory I have ever experienced. 

Surrounded by the best friends anyone could ever ask for, our girl was so happy and felt so adored and supported, I am still floating on the cloud of love that carried us through the weekend.

The gorgeous flowers were by our darling friend Amy Music who owns and runs Posy, and Petra, Rachel, and I all had our hair and make-up done by the sweet and talented ladies of Jolie Laide. Both are local businesses in Columbus, Ohio that brought an elegance and beauty to the lovely day.

Here we are all together, the Kennedys and the Coles, at the wedding party table after being announced and joining everyone inside. It was truly an amazing night that we will all remember forever.

I wrote and performed the most important speech of my life with my Maid of Honor toast. Honestly, Petra is everything to me, and all I wanted was to do her and our lifelong friendship proud. 30 years of love fit into a seven-minute toast, and I poured out my heart to my darling girl without crying. I am proud and happy that the words I wrote seemed to resonate and ring true to those who were there. For those of you who could not attend and have asked to read it, click on the post to read my speech after the jump.

Good evening, dear friends. I am Meg, and next to Marcus I am the luckiest person in the world, as I am the maid of honor and best friend to our sweet Petra. I am married to that handsome man over there, Will Cole. But before my husband, before anyone else ever touched this heart of mine, I already had a soul mate. For the last 30 years of this life, Petra Rossner has been my closest companion, my dearest and truest friend.

Let’s rewind a minute: Petra and I met around the age 3 or 4 at my babysitter’s the Gubsers who lived near the Rossners. When we both entered the same kindergarten class, I felt a bit more confidant since I already knew that tall girl with freckles. On one of the first days of school, Petra and I both brought Poppels in for Show & Tell. Each stuffed animal meant a great deal to each little girl, and we accidentally mixed them up. There was no way to tell them apart and together we faced the cold, hard fact that we very well may have swapped Popples. An intimate exchange indeed, considering the fact that Petra slept with her Popple until 5 minutes ago. Our friendship was solidified and we were forever linked from there on out.
Soon enough the Rossner’s was where I went before school, and the Rossner’s was where we went after school. To swing on the hammock like it was a roller coaster, to sing along to Chicago at the top of our lungs, to watch Jem and the Holigrams get bullied by the Misfits, or to model for Rachel’s various “deep” art projects. When the now-6-foot-a-million Carsten, Petra’s youngest brother took his first steps I was there. When Brendan got caught smoking cigars in his closet, I was there. In same-said closet Petra and I got in trouble years before for writing on the wall “We like to potty.” We were very high-brow, indeed.
Our time together was never enough so on the weekends Petra was ALWAYS at our house for an overnight. We would discuss everything under the sun over Kudos and Mystic and Christian Slater movies. We spent weekends driving up to Pennsylvania to visit my beloved grandparents, sometimes with my stepdad Jan quizzing us on our trivia knowledge along the way, always with Petra and our dog Oreo and I all cozied up in the back in what we called our niche. This. Was. A. Thing. We LOVED our niches. A niche is basically a fort/clubhouse made out of blankets & pillows that only Petra and Oreo and I were allowed in.
One car trip that my grandparents were with us, my Papa started having an asthma attack in the front passenger seat while my mom tried to navigate the highway with nerves of noodles, meanwhile Nana’s legs were stretched across us all with a leg cramp,
and Peach and I were in our niche HAVING THE TIME OF OUR LIVES. That’s the thing. Everything we ever did, or ever do, is always the time of our lives.
Our taste has since changed, they don’t even make Kudos or Mystics anymore. Or they shouldn’t, but our talking about everything under the sun and giggling until our cheeks hurt never has.
I recently went home to my house in Alexandria on Enderby Drive. Maybe for the last time. My parents are selling our house and I went home to help my mom sift through all of my “stuff”. Really what it was, was an excavation of a three-decade-long friendship. With every diary that I unearthed, there were entries devoted to my best friend Petra. Every note that was written was a relic with a sweet message from one young girl to the other. On my colorblock early-90’s clothing hamper was permanent marker stating to the world. “Petra is AWESOME”. I was not wrong.
This is my diary entry dated June 25th, 1991 and it says (with an exclamation mark after every sentence.)
“Hi! I am so bored! My best friend is gone! Lauren is here so it’s not that bad. Also Valerie is here so I’m excited. Hell, I miss Petra!” Showing 2 things. That I said “hell” when I was 11, sorry Mom, and that I felt the way about Petra then as I do now.
As my mom and I sifted through my childhood things, countless items had the words written on them “Megan Allan + Petra Rossner = friendship.” So, we weren’t poets or mathmatitians. What we were was the best friends you’ll ever find.
We lived around the corner from each other, a mere 4 blocks, and our famous line was always, “I’ll meet you half-way.” I would call Petra crying about some trauma, and before she could even understand a word she’d say, “I’ll meet you half-way.”
Petra would call me and if she started with a heavy sigh, “I’ll meet you half-way, Peach.” is what I would sayAnd half way we would meet. Sometimes, when I was going through a particularly hard time, as I opened the front door to leave my house, there would be that sweet blonde freckled face in LA Gears already walking up the pathway to me. I’ll meet you half way.
Going to different colleges was hard for us, as we had come to rely so heavily on each other. I worried that distance would change the bond we had, but nothing ever could. The way that Petra loves is unique and deeper than most. She is accepting, her love is unconditional, she is loyal and devoted, yet always gives you the space to be who you are. She always knows when to provide a little room to grow and evolve, yet always remains within an arm’s reach if you need her. I’ll meet you half way.
Petra still meets me half way on everything. I see her do that with everyone she loves, and so beautifully with Marcus. Petra lives the kind of love that we all need. It’s not smothering or controlling or telling us where to be emotionally or mentally. It’s a calm, open-hearted warmth that will come and find you wherever you are and will stand by you until you are where you want to be. She won’t walk the whole walk for you, but she will hold your hand and when it is too hard to bear, she will carry you. Petra, thank you for always meeting me half-way.
Before Marcus, Petra didn’t NEED a man. She was passionate about her career, fully satiated with her life, surrounded by an incredible group of women who have become my dear friends as well. When Petra met Marcus 3 years ago, she met the man she didn’t even know she was looking for. They fit so perfectly so quickly, it was truly meant to be. Petra knew right from the start she loved this man, she wanted him in her life, and she needed to be there for him.
When you meet Marcus, you see why. His sweet smile aptly represents a heart so huge and accepting and loving. His enthusiasm and appreciation for life is infectious and his loyalty priceless. Most importantly, he adores Petra. Who wouldn’t, right? No, but he really lives it. He shows his adoration in his actions every day, making himself perfect in my eyes.
Petra and Marcus are two of the sweetest, most loving individuals you will ever meet. It comes as no surprise that they have found home in each other. Together as a couple, they have weathered every blessing and every storm with respect and grace.
Let us all raise our glass in support of Petra and Marcus, in celebration of their union, and in the light of their everlasting love.