Celebrated this.
This weekend my darling baby brother, Matt, married his best friend and love, Danielle. It was a lovely weekend filled with family and fun and lots of love. Matt and I have had this strong soul connection since he was just a little nugget, and to see him radiate pure happiness and love on his special day was no less than breath taking. My sister-in-law is incredibly smart, genuinely sweet, gorgeous, and absolutely adores my sweet brother. She sees him for exactly who he is and embraces every aspect of his goofy, ambitious, hilarious, endlessly loving soul. I wish them all the happiness in the world as they start their life together as husband and wife.
Wore this.
I was too busy helping (and being emotional,whoamIkidding) to bring my camera and capture all of the details, but my phone got a few snapshots of the beautiful event. I’ll share more with you when the stunning professional photos by Katelyn James are ready. 

Here’s to marrying your best friend!
Photos by Katelyn James, Will Cole, & me.