Will is an excellent, easy, and fun traveling companion. No matter where we go together, it always feels like home when he is by my side. Will is super-organized and responsible, but, just as important, he is always up for an adventure and always down to chill. Hilarious, curious and into weird, quirky, non-tourist spots and finds, we work well together and have a freakin’ blast in the U.S. and out.

We all stayed at Base 2 Stay, which is a hotel with reasonable rates, yet prides itself on high-end, decor. My buddy, Lauren York, found this great place for us. It was just perfect.

A mini-kitchenette in each room making the studio-apartment-feeling hotel room the perfect base to eat cheap snacks, or prepare a meal, pack up, and head out for hours on end to explore the city. Two blocks from a convenient tube, and in a lovely area near the Kensington side of Hyde Park. The simple, modern lines and modern decor created a serene escape at Base 2 Stay, and our little alcove patio with french doors and foliage gave us fresh air and a small outside, yet enclosed space.

With elegant crown moldings, beautiful art neavou iron and marble staircase, and pristine, huge pieces of driftwood as art, base2stay was the perfect temporary nest for travelers who won’t spend much time in their rooms, but when they do, want to feel at home, yet on a pretty luxurious vacation.

This was our second trip abroad together for Will and I. The incredibly exciting reason we went, was to celebrate our nearest and dearest friends Nathaniel and Teresa’s wedding on the 5th of May. Will and I went for the week before the wedding and spent our time with some of our oldest and best friends. We had an amazingly fun, hilarious, interesting, stimulating, exciting and exhausting time.

We’ve known these kids since we were pre-pubescent. Seriously, Johnny G. (cute blond with my hot bf in the below left pic) was at my first birthday. And yet, when it’s been months to years since we’ve all hung out, we picked up where we left off and had a really fun week together. I love them all.