Travel is alwasy rich with new, interesting ideas to bring home with you.

In London, our days were filled with seeing the lovely city, seeking out special organic coffee nooks, Italian Brick Oven delicacies, meandering Notting Hill at the Portabello Street Market with fresh, organic food, local designers, and tons of antiques, vintage finds, and great recommendations from locals, friends, London shop owners and designers. Thank you to everyone who helped us find all of these wonderfully special, non-touristy places.

I think the Portabello Street market was my favorite…

These are a few of my finds….

I love this fawn tote that I picked up…by Poom….still locating the receipt for more info.

I love finding the wonderful vintage shops, boutiques and on this particular trip, I enjoyed making several trips to the fantastically fun, TopShop. A few trips deep, I stocked up on mad amounts of jewelry. From fun to classic, simple to extravegant pieces of unique accessories. I hit the jackpot there, Yo.

The nights were a whole other story…..