Welcome to the family, Casey Cole!

One of the best ways to try to relax for a few days is to travel to the loving nest of family, friends, or in this case, both.

Will and I just spent a very enjoyable weekend in Cabin Point, Virgina with his parents and the newest addition to their family, Miss Casey Cole. Casey is just about the cutest, most precious little yellow lab pup, full of vim and vigor and spunk.

Our little one, Gracie, got and gave a work-out romping around and wrestling with her Casey.Our 3 year-old successfully encouraged outdoor evacuation to this little one as well, which the puppy’s pooped parents applauded and appreciated.

With a heart of gold and such a playful, fun personality, Casey is smart, hilarious, and fits right in with the Cole clan.

She has no clue how lucky she is by scoring the best lab dog parents on the east coast.

Casey’s first bath was both adorable and hilarious, and no doubt a full workout for Mrs. C!

I’ll report back on all of the goodies we found at one of Mrs. C’s great secrets, the antique mall! It was a nesters vintage heaven. More to come on that.