This is my sister, Lauren. She is a kindergarten teacher, animal lover and rescuer, and the sweetest, best friend a girl could have. She also has MS, which is why we rally each year to kick its ass!

You may have read in a previous post about our fight against MS. Lauren, was diagnosed three years ago this March, and each year we gather to raise money, show our support, and fight this disease at the National MS Walk in our home town of Washington, D.C.

MS is a disease that CAN BE CURED! We make strides each and every year, and with funding and support from you, we can get even closer to a cure. To join our team or donate money click here! Or, you can Paypal the money to, and I promise to pledge each and every dollar to our team. I will update the blog with a list of the wonderful people who donate to this important cause.

Here are Gracie and I after last year’s walk where we raised over $2,000. This year we will have Milo and hopefully, your support. Join us in this fight! Every dollar counts, please help by donating here!

*Thank you to Justin Scribner for a very generous and sweet donation of $100 on the first day! Thank you Valerie Poliakoff for your sweet donation. We have a great start!