My sister, Lauren, is amazing and hilarious and a loyal, dear friend whom I adore. Every day my sister lives with and fights MS. One day each year the rest of us can stand with her, and everyone living with MS, to show our support and love. The MS Walk is coming up again in 2 weeks, and again, it is the one time of year I ask for a little donation. Anything you can give helps raise money for research, and shows people like Lauren they are not alone. Donate here!

Thank you for all of your help in the years before, and for any and all help, love, or energy you can send this year. So far I have collected $600 in checks, and raised over $200 on-line. My goal is to raise more than the $1,000 we did last year. Raise the bar!! See our previous walks here and here.

Much love, Meg