We always have fresh garlands adorn our home in time for our annual holiday cocktail party, and this year my heart was set on keeping up the tradition. We went to several tree places all over Brooklyn and Manhattan this last week and everyone was out of garlands! Blasphemy! Yesterday, with mere hours in between guest arrival time I decided to whip something up myself. I got some freshly cut branches from the Christmas tree stand and some wire. When you can’t find it, DIY it! Here is how to do it yourself.

You need:

Branches from a Christmas tree
Small pruner
Galvanized wire in a dark shade

Lay your branches out over-lapping the ends. Prune and cut them to the shape you want. Wrap galvanized wire around the two joining ends to connect them together. Hang with nails over windows and doorways and your home will look and smell like Christmas!

Time: Under 1 hour Cost: Under $5!

They really made our home feel cozy and warm for the party. everyone loved the garlands and were way impressed I had made them myself. What are YOU making to cozy-up your home this holiday season?