I have been with Will Cole for 9 years today. A lot of love has been shared in these 9 years. A lot of back-having, hand-holding, side-splitting laughter, head-over-heels love, pushed-to-the-brink-patience, deep acceptance and forever forgiveness.

We work hard on being the best individuals we can possibly be so as a couple we have more to share and give one another. It doesn’t happen over-night and it isn’t easy. The part I never understood, was why love had to be so much work. It isn’t work to be with Will. It certainly isn’t hard to love him. What is challenging is always pushing myself to be better, kinder, more deserving. The challenge is communicating my needs, trying to identify his, and doing my best to meet both. The hard part is dealing with my own anxieties and fears and stresses (ohmygodtherearesomany) in a way that affects Will in the least negative way. We are all incredibly imperfect, but we try to be better for each other. That is the work. Being with and loving my dear, sweet, hilarious husband…that is the easiest thing in the world.

No one can comfort me the way this man can, no one understands and accepts me as deeply. With one look he eases the pain and lightens the load. With one smile I know I’ll never be alone, and his hand on the small of my back is more romantic than any film. He is my dearest friend, closest comrade, and wherever he is will always be my home.